Markku Lahdesmaki


Finnish photographer, Markku Lahdesmaki, developed an interest in photography at an early age and by 21 he had a studio in his hometown of Tampere. Soon after, Markku moved to London, upon which he garnered his first award: Honorary Mention/Warsaw Poster Biennale. A career as a commercial photographer became the new reality that would eventually lead him to Los Angeles, CA with his wife and partner, Anne.

Devoted to his profession, Markku explores the soul of an idea across a variety of subject matter. His photography ranges from pure painterly to complex technical composites, manifesting itself within a steady style of adoration for the moment and joyfulness in the opportunity to engage in a profession that seamlessly weaves its way into his life. Calm and confident in his approach, he has educated understanding of client objectives and the delivery of final artwork that exceeds expectations.

Markku enjoys working and traveling for both American and European clients such as: GE, Nike, Adidas, Apple, Nokia, Microsoft,Toyota, Honda, Sony and Gillette. His love of photography also inspires a constant stream of personal work that is largely inspired by the values he holds dear -- joy of life, peace of mind and a sense of humor.

With kind appreciations, both Markku’s personal projects and commissions from advertising agencies have been recognized internationally and placed in the following awards competitions: Clio, Epica, Cannes Lions, AOP Awards, New York Festival, CA, APA and PX3. With a nod to his native country,The Grafia Platinum Award was given to him for his influence on Finnish Advertising.