Parker & Biley


Parker Biley is the Photographer – Retoucher team of John Parker and Clive Biley.

As Photographer – Retoucher relationships go they don’t get much tighter then John and Clive’s. Brought together in the mid nineties through Bates Dorland, John, Clive and Art Director Stuart Wilson produced somewhere in the region of thirty images, shot all around the world and cleverly composed and retouched by Clive in a back room in SOHO. For the next ten years John continued to work on many campaigns for high profile brands including FT, HSBC, Carlsberg, British Gas and Barclays with Clive’s retouching and creative input becoming more and more crucial to the process.

As their paths grew more intertwined and they were jointly making creative decisions, they recently decided to have equal billing and Parker Biley was formed. Their imagery combines Clive’s color techniques and skillful use of CGI with John’s stunning photography. Their work captures the unerring ability of their partnership - spurring each other to produce work of creative and technical excellence whilst pushing the boundaries of technology.