Zack Seckler


After studying Psychology and Economics at Syracuse University, Zack Seckler embarked on a real-world education in humanity; ultimately finding him fully immersed in it in India. It was during this crash course on the streets with so many people, textures, sights and sounds that he realized his need to tell stories visually, a need to become a photographer.

Now, Zack is known for elaborately produced composites to quirky portraits of animals to landscapes taken from the air. He’s sought out for his ability to bring a distinct aesthetic to each image he creates. He’s been awarded top honors by American Photography, Communication Arts, Cannes Lion, IPA and PDN. In addition to advertising and editorial work, since 2014 he's had three solo shows of his fine art work.

While Zack thought it sounded cool when he said he lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, he now lives in Westport, Connecticut and doesn’t think it sounds very cool at all. His two toddler boys, Dylan and Miles, think their Dad goes to work in a miniature plastic helicopter named Harold. His lovely wife Elizabeth, once charmed by her husband, now has to live the rest of her life with a man that can’t locate the milk in their refrigerator. Despite all these personal and professional accomplishments, Zack's yet to be asked for his autograph.